The world of Go-Zu is a land that was forever scarred by the forces of Heaven and Hell. The Clelestials and the Infernals battled for centuries until a Band of renegade monks destroyed the Five Gates of Heaven. This act cut off both forces from their own planes of existence, the result of which caused them to die. However, almost 2 thousand years later, their influence still remains. Both forces mixed altered the blood-lines of the humans of Go-Zu. Those with celestial blood became a new race of white-haired beings, who quickly established a new Empire, The Imperial Court of Heaven (also known as The Celestial Host). Those of demon blood became pariahs and fled to the edges of the world to become tribes of outcasts. In addition to these three “common” races, other races were discovered and assimilated into the Celestial Host. The world of Go-Zu is huge and varied. From the North, home of the Shogunate, to the Southern coast of the Corsairs of Thaiam, there is adventure almost around every corner. Perhaps your deeds will lead you to the secrets of immortality, where you can live among the Heavenly abode of the Immortals.

The Gates of Heaven: An asian-style Pathfinder campaign.